It's all fun and games until the cops show up!

We helped out at the Leathernecks BBQ again this year.  Or, 4 of us did. 
It was really a hard job, we needed at least 2 more people.  I am quite perturbed. 

Ravenstar, Booperbiker and Squeekee mixing up the shots.

Cranberry juice, quart of vodka, quart of peach schnapps.
Voila - shots! 

What a smirk on her face.  

Outside in the heat.  At least inside it was air conditioned. 

Roll those weiners!

About 7:30pm, some guy was going to give a girl a ride on the back of his bike.
Apparently, he was showing off and gunned it.  She FELL OFF!!!   Duh! 
Someone called 911 and just like that, the party was over. 
I think all the units in the county showed up.  Was quite funny. 
I didn't dare get any closer. 


Ride 8/7/10
women riders rock

Bubbles, Booperbiker and I went to the Crossroads.
Hey, the underlining is back.  Still don't know how to get rid of it.

Aren't we cute?


And an extra POI, the Sheridan VFW with a tank toy. 

Going home.  A fun day for all.
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Road Clean Up 7/31/10

Beautiful day for a ride, and to go pick up garbage.

Booperbiker and Tigger.

I was trying to get a cool pic of their faces in the mirror.

Here we are getting ready.

Nettie and Ravenstar share a bag.

Up the hill, in the distance, BoPink does the job.  

Almost done.
Spydee, Nettie, Tigger, Ravenstar and Booperbiker.

All done, taking a break as we decide where to ride.  
PoPink, Wild Child, Ravenstar, Nettie, Sypdee, Tigger, Booperbiker and Faithwalker.  

Thanks everyone. 

7/18/10 Prospect Lawn Cemetery in Hamburg
bike Prowl red blue

Booperbiker and I went to Prospect Lawn Cemetery.  
We found quite a few stones with our middle names.  Some are below.  There were too many to post them all - it would take me too much time.  You're just gonna have to take my word for it.  Nineteen 'Ann' for Booperbiker, she really hit the jackpot.  Seven 'Alice' for Prime.  

A woman serviceperson.

Bend over.  

Ride that horsie.  

Finally, one for me!  

Hmm - I get a better vibe from the bike.  

This was really eerie.  
He died on the same day we found him.  

Two for the price of one!

And 2 more!  

My do-rag looks funny.  

Enough, I give.  Booperbiker wins.  

This was different - adopted daughter.  

7/18/10 Wilcox Cemetery ride
bike Prowl red blue

Booperbiker wanted to show me this old, unkempt cemetary, so we took a little ride the other day.
Wilcox Friends Cemetary.

Everything was overgrown. You could barely see some of the headstones for the saplings.

It was very pretty, but a shame that it's not kept up very well.  Although you could see someone did come through with a weedwacker at some point. 

John Casten, 1843 from the Revolutionary War. 

Interesting to see that the shale-type headstones were is such bad shape.  They just chipped away with time - some of them were just blank stones, the names lost to antiquity. 

Old broken stone, born 1800.

Booperbiker found a hidden treasure.
I read something on the Internet about a type of scavenger hunt, where you get your coordinates from an Internet site, and go find stuff.  The box had paper and we wrote our names, even though we didn't find it the proper way for the game.  Others had left notes also, but it wasn't that old, just from this summer.

Booperbiker found a couple 'Mary' stones for extra POI points.

Alas, no Alice for me.

David's old headstone...

Replaced by a new one from the Nat'l Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Abigail Filmore Chapter.

This tree near the entrance was HUGE!!  I think it was an ash. 

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Meeting 7/12/10
WOW-Mz Behavin logo

BoPink and Wild Child. 

Freewheeler, Tigger, Girldog, and Fringee looking at BoPink's Ride In pics.

Eating supper as the meeting goes on. 

Discussing something-or-other. 

Fringee has a good laugh.

That's all - not too exciting. 
Will post more pics soon.

Wack of Pics from BoPink
bike prowl pink

Damn, my chocolate melted all over my spare panties. 

Aurora doesn't look too happy.

BoPink - help me - I can't get up!  

Looks like Rock City.

Cutco, the best knife in the world.  Works great for cutting up the bodies, never goes dull.

Pull over for a pic, but don't fall over the railing.


What's wrong with Themadhatter's pants?

Um, must be a POI.

No idea where this is. 

The local biker gang in Collins Center, population 14. 
Their motto is 'We dress silly for any occasion.' 


Is this a POI?  I don't think so.  Minus 5 points.

Waiting around before the Ladies ride.

The Gowanda HD Ladies ride group pic.  We're all in there...somewhere. 

...I have no clue.

[Thanks to BoPink for uploading her pics.]


Booperbiker and I went on a short ride the other day.


Moo on West Becker.

Prime holding up the sign.

Amazing to think this guy was in the Revolutionary War.

This was such a nice picture, see how the tree overgrew the gravestones.

Moo on New Oregon.


I swear, there were cows there. 
Mooo on Dupont.

Mooo on Shirley Road.


Me and my shadow.


Ride In 2010 - 7/5/10
WOW color logo

Girldog was the first to arrive

Little snack at Micky D's before they leave.
Nettie, Girldog, Aurora, Bubbles.

Java Java need that Java.
Mambo and Aurora.

Let's start getting ready.

Last but not least....

I'm leading!?!  oh, oh, we're in trouble.

We're #1.
Look, I'm in the mirror.

Reviewing the road rules.

What, I'm drag again?

Get ready.

Everybody look left!!


Aurora leads the pack off.





Girldog - what a drag!

Meeting Minutes 6/14/2010
WOW-Mz Behavin logo

WOW Mz. 'Behavin Minutes from meeting held at McKinley Mall on Monday, 6/14/10.

Attendance and list of officers: Prime-Chapter Director, BoPink-Asst Chapter Director, Booperbiker-Sergeant at Arms, Themadhatter-Secretary, Tigger, Squeekee, Bubbles, Sweetpea,
Trish, Fringee, Nan L, Wild Child, Ravenstar, and Aurora. 
Guest: Dormouse.

~ Tigger shared the details of a motorcycle accident which happened
during the GO ride in Gowanda and emphasized the importance of wearing full gear when riding.

~ Prime handed out two magazine articles and highlighted some important points in them.

~ Prime went over departure details for our trip to Vermont.  Aurora will be leading a group of 7 from McDonald*s on Broadway, leaving at 8:30 am, and maps will be distributed that morning.

~ Tigger mentioned that there are no New York motorcycle dealers listed in the WOW magazine.  She has provided information to three local dealers who showed interest and plans to visit more area dealers to solicit their participation.

~ BoPink distributed an updated copy of the ICE information sheets and asked each member to keep copy on their bikes for group riding.  She also requested those members with no information listed to please
provide ASAP.

~ Prime mentioned the pictures on LiveJournal and encouraged members to load their own pics.

~ Prime suggested we hold the chapter Open House during our August 9th meeting to allow members to supply pictures from the Vermont Rally and updated POI.  Also, members are encouraged to bring treats that evening to share with guests.

~ Booperbiker asked about the suggested ride to Biker Bazaar in Collins. Themadhatter suggested we could do that after our next road cleanup scheduled for Saturday, July 24.  The rain date will be July 31st. The road cleanup previously scheduled for June 26th has been cancelled.  We will order lunch on 7/24 at the Biker Bazaar.

~ BoPink distributed applications for ‘Aid to Injured Motorcyclists’ which provides a free database of biker’s emergency information and can be accessed by contacting them at the information provided on the key fob or card.  This service is provided by a conglomerate of attorneys.

~ Booperbiker shared the thank you letter she received from the Jewish World for the $30 donation toward their stove project and asked Ravenstar to include it in the club scrapbook.

~ Themadhatter shared some highlights from her ride to Americade in Lake George last week. The website where pictures can be found of bikes at Americade is:  She really encouraged everyone to consider going as a group next year.

~ Booperbiker reviewed some details from the GO ride in Gowanda and what a good turnout there was.

~ Sweetpea collected $28 for the split club and she won the $14.

~ Some girls mentioned a group ride this Saturday, June 19th, weather permitting.  Details will be e-mailed by BoPink, along with any other scheduling updates.

~ Our next scheduled membership meeting is Monday, July 12, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.

Hope to see you there!


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