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McKinley Mall Car and Bike Show - 3/20/10
mdnytryder wrote in womenonwheels

Spring is sprung
De grass is riz
I wonder where my jacket is?
De little gals is on de road,
Ain't dat absurd?
I'm such a wuzz, it's still too cold!

But it wasn't too cold for The Mad Hatter, BoPink or Ravenstar. 
They showed up at the mall on their bikes, while I lurked in the truck primping.


Fringee had already been there long enuf to shop.

Interesting rear light on this fender.


Bee-oot-i-ful black Corvette.
I love black cars when they are clean and in the shade.
Otherwise they get dirty so quickly.
(Witness my truck!)

Holy Primus on a pogo stick - these things were so cute!
Ratchet and Bluestreak would have loved one to play with.
I can't believe they were selling them at the mall.

Giant-sized, unfinished bike.  The seat is regular size - 
it looked like they plan to put it on the road. 

Ugly, but interesting. 

You can't see the color very well, but this was a very pretty, dark green bike.

I really don't know what this means, but it was a cool decal. 
 I believe it is a reference to that nitrus fuel racers use.  But it was a pick-up truck. 

Ooh, I really liked the colors and style on this one.

But, this will probably be my next bike - a trike. 
Doesn't this look like a butt?

The trike had a unique headlight.

Very rude, but I thought it was funny. 

This was an old Erie Co. Sheriff's bike. 
Would be cool to see it fixed up.

Tigger is tres chic. 
I think that's a sunblock for your nose. 

Tigger and her Bo 'discussing the purchase of a new harley.

Why the HELL was there a tracter at a car show?

I have no words for someone who would waste the time....

Hot Rod.  Not to be confused with Rodimus Prime.
(haha - obligatory transformer reference!)

Interesting, it looked very pretty close up.
Lots of spikey chrome. 

That's it for our first rides of 2010.  Thanks guys!