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Ride to Kinzua on 5/29/10
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mdnytryder wrote in womenonwheels

It was a beautiful day for a ride.  We met in N.Collins at 10am. 

What a nice shot of Aurora's smiling face. 
And you can kind of see me in the mirror taking the pic.  

New tank on Faithwalker's bike.  Very pretty.
In case you can't tell, it is a woman walking off a cliff onto God's hand.

Dormouse got a new repaint of the whole bike.
Note the cool chain highway pegs. 

Aurora, Bubbles and Nettie in NC.

Etchasketch had to mind the store, but was with us in spirit.

On the way down, Booperbiker gets a little too close to the honeywagen!  Phew!

Looking behind me.

Taking a break in Warren, PA. 
Themadhatter looks around for that slow bartender. 

Posing at Kinzua Dam.  The pic is too small to read the words behind.
Themadhatter, Nettie, Booperbiker behind Aurora, BoPink, Faithwalker, Prime and Bubbles.
Thanks to Dormouse for taking the pic.

That splotch on the wall is where the high water mark was labeled. 
It was back in June of 1971, the year I was born.

The other side of the dam. 
We have to figure out how to get down in that other parking area for next time.

Stopping for lunch.
Nettie says bring on the spirits.
Or at least, the ice water. 

View of the marina from the restaurant.

Booperbiker gives me the evil eye.
"If you don't put that camera away, I'm gonna shove it up...."

On the ride home, BoPink picked up this guy named 'Bob' to lead us part of the way home.
That is him way in front.  I wasn't quick enuf to snap his pic when we stopped and split ways.

A moment of indecision on Rt 86. 
Highway or not the highway, that is the question. 
We highwayed. 

Split up in Springville. 
The remaining riders had to end with ice cream.

One more POI in the saddlebag. 
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