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Gowanda HD Women's Ride 6/12/10 cont'd
mdnytryder wrote in womenonwheels


Thank you Bubbles, for ganking pics from Gowanda's facebook page for the previous entry.  
We were certainly in quite a few pics.  Woot!

Spydee and Booperbiker discuss killing the photographer and where they could hide the body. 

We were led by a NYS trooper. 
It was so cool to be able to go through red lights and stop signs. 

In case you can't read the helmet, it says 'Furball'.  Pretty cool bike.

Discussing 'stuff' before the ride.   

Shugar laments, "Oh, I forgot my panties!" 

And this is what she will say after reading the above line. 

Off we go!
There were about 50 bikes, all ladies.
I admit, it is pretty cool riding in a large group.
I was in the middle, so there are about the same amount of bikes stretched out behind.

Booperbiker smiles for the camera - what a nice shot!

First stop was Ellicottville, where they were celebrating a Women's Weekend.

It is a very quaint town.  And it smelled great.  I wish I knew what kind of trees those were.

A few of us had lunch at the Brewpub.  This is a shot of their beer-making thing-a-ma-gig.  

Shugar and Bubbles come back to the parking lot after lunch.

Faithwalker is just so happy all the time!  

Tigger wants to get going. 

Freewheeler relaxes in the shade. 

We are all ready to hit the ice cream shop!  Let's go already!

What's a ride without ice cream?  
I think we overwhelmed the poor serving girl.  She was all alone. 

Those policemen sure like their donuts ice cream. 

Shugar checks to see where the cops are, so she can peel out.
[haha, not really!]

Very nice group shot. 

And here we are going home. 

Thanks everyone who went.


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