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7/18/10 Wilcox Cemetery ride
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mdnytryder wrote in womenonwheels

Booperbiker wanted to show me this old, unkempt cemetary, so we took a little ride the other day.
Wilcox Friends Cemetary.

Everything was overgrown. You could barely see some of the headstones for the saplings.

It was very pretty, but a shame that it's not kept up very well.  Although you could see someone did come through with a weedwacker at some point. 

John Casten, 1843 from the Revolutionary War. 

Interesting to see that the shale-type headstones were is such bad shape.  They just chipped away with time - some of them were just blank stones, the names lost to antiquity. 

Old broken stone, born 1800.

Booperbiker found a hidden treasure.
I read something on the Internet about a type of scavenger hunt, where you get your coordinates from an Internet site, and go find stuff.  The box had paper and we wrote our names, even though we didn't find it the proper way for the game.  Others had left notes also, but it wasn't that old, just from this summer.

Booperbiker found a couple 'Mary' stones for extra POI points.

Alas, no Alice for me.

David's old headstone...

Replaced by a new one from the Nat'l Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Abigail Filmore Chapter.

This tree near the entrance was HUGE!!  I think it was an ash. 

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