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Ride on 10/17/10
bike Prowl red blue
mdnytryder wrote in womenonwheels

The weather was supposed to be sunny and close to 60 degrees, a good day for a ride - if you're properly bundled up.
Us three Southtowners arranged to meet in North Collins, and we would hook up behind whomever started the ride in Hamburg.
Here is Booperbiker as we wait for Bubbles to arrive and complete our trine. 

Off we went, south down Route 62. 
Stopped at this not-so-little antique store in Cherry Creek.

I think we all bought some stuff.
I found a Royal Haeger pottery vase, a McCoy wallpocket, and a Bumblebee pencil case.

This sign behind the counter made me laugh.
I need one.

Parking at the Trillium Lodge for lunch. 
Prime, Aurora, BoPink, Bubbles.

"So I sez to him, touch my bike again and I'll shoot ya."
Booperbiker makes her point.


Dueling cameras.

Yummy food, but they took forever to serve.  We always seem to have bad luck with restaruants.  Why is that, ladies? 
Posing all decked out in our cold weather gear ready to head home.
Prime, BoPink, Ravenstar, Booperbiker and the back of Bubbles' head.

Hard to tell from the pic, but these are tiny, wild grapes hanging all over the tree. 

A stop at Aunt Millies to get some dessert to go, and home we went. 
It was a good day. 

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not the back of my head ... I had my neck scarf pulled up over my nose ;-)

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