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Ride Me!

I received this in an email, no idea where it is from originally. 

Do I even need to say anything? 

Oh, on a side note - I saw a biker riding on Route 20 today.  He wasn't dressed very warmly, so I am guessing that he was doing one of those around-the-block rides just so he could say he took it out in January.  Last time I did one of those was January 13, 2005.  Yes, I wrote it on the calendar.   If my battery wasn't dead....

Gawd, when is summer going to get here? 
Curse you snow!  
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WOW Meeting 9/12/09

Thanks Nettie, for letting us use your house for our September 12th meeting. 
Forgive me for the cloudy look in some of the pics.  I must have put my fat finger on the lens. 


Click here for lots more pics. Collapse )

POI Search on 9/5/09 - Part 2
women riders rock

9/5/09 POI's - continued.

Where we ladies went



Basil Resale Center on Transit. 

Best Buy on Transit.

Barnes & Noble on Transit.                                                                 

Bed, Bath and Beyond on Transit (does this count as 3?).

Bon Ton on Transit.   

Bank of Akron.  I can't remember where it was located....   

Now we have to thank Aurora, as she was leading us to most of the following street signs.  

It was too dangerous for all of us to stop and get off our bikes, so most show only one person.  
Buell and Boncliff. 

Bullis and Buffalo Creek.

Brunck Road.

Bowen Road Grove.

Bowen and Broadway.


Lastly, on the way home, Booperbiker and I hit the Bar-Bill Restaurant.

Then we quit. 
WOW!  I took about 75 pics that day! 
Lots of fun.
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POI Search on 9/5/09 - Part 1
women riders rock

So, weatherman Don Paul said September 5 was supposed to be a nice day for a change, no rain.  Even though I think ol' Don doesn't know a cold front from a cold pop, we decided to take the chance and do some POI's.  Suprise, surprise, it turned out it was a nice day for a ride.

This will be a two-part post.  First part is hitting all the Walmarts as POI's.

We met up at the soon-to-be defunct McKinley store.  [Man, I can't wait until they finish the new one, only 10 minutes from my house.  Whoohoo!  We loove WallyWorld!]   Ahem....

Aurora, Booperbiker and Fringee.

The official pic - Booperbiker, Squeekee, Fringee, Aurora and Nettie.
[Damn - I can't get it to stop underlining!  Stop that!  STOP!!  It's annoying!  *grumble*
Sorry.  Ooh, what the hell, it stopped.  I have NO idea what I did.]

Deciding on our route to the next store.
[Damn-it!  Sorry guys.  I guess it's going to underline most of this.]

Over the shoulder shot of Nettie.
[Grrr, now the print's turned colors.  I give up.]

Walmart on Walden.
Nettie with a halo (*cough, cough*), Fringee, Squeekee, Booperbiker with bunny ears, and Prime.

Here's some 'B's':
Bowl AMC
[Hey, the underline and blue disappeared.  I am clueless.]

Basil Ford on Walden

Buffalo Light & Supply Co. on Walden

Aurora gives me a wave.

Another POI - Quaker Steak

We hopped on our BOEING 737 to fly to the next Walmart.

Walmart on Transit.

Perry's Ice Cream in Akron.

Some people are just so silly.

We were ready for lunch, so we mosied over to the Candy Apple Cafe (but no candy apples in sight, bummer).
Aurora tried to steal a fork.

Ha, ha, not really.  The fork stuck to the magnet in her tankbag.
She took it back into the restaurant, and we all had a good laugh.

Part 2 post coming up shortly - The Attack of the Killer BBBBZ!

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Additional pics from 7/18 meeting
Bubbles sent me some pics from the July meeting.

Tigger and Booperbiker.  I don't know what is going on there.

Lipstick and Mambo.

Bubbles took a pic of Prime as she took the group shots.

Thanks, Bubbles.
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WOW meeting 8/16/09
We went up to Niagara Falls for our August meeting.
Thanks, Mambo for letting us meet at your house. 

We arranged to meet at Tim Horton's.
First ones to arrive were Ravenstar, Bubbles and Booperbiker.  

Ravenstar had some whiskey in her coffee, and watches Booperbiker cha-cha.

Bo-Pink comes rolling in. 

Where's the mall? 

Catching up with everyone else. 

On our way, Aurora, Fringee and Bubbles.

Group shot-after we sang Happy Bday to Themadhatter. 

Getting ready to leave.

Bubbles looks like a pirate. 

Not everyone went to Olcott. 
Squeekee, Freewheelin, Themadhatter, Bubbles and Mambo.

Freewheelin encourages Mambo to molest the local wildlife.

Doing tourist-y things.  Cute. 
Who are those handsome folks?   Another POI in the bag.  Hey, who's keeping track of all the POI's, by the way?

Onward to the next entry.
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WOW meeting 7/18/09
Thanks to Lipstick and her hubby, Toyman, for letting us use her home.

We had to check out the neighbors.
Fringee, Lipstick, Mambo, Sweetpea, and Tigger.

Come on, lets get this meeting going.

The back deck was perfect for eating and talking.

"Prime, you and that camera are starting to get annoying."
Lipstick gives me a beaver look while Sweetpea looks on.

Ready to roll. 

On our way to the windmills for a POI.  The clouds looked nasty, but it was all show and no blow.

Here we are.  They are so cool.  And the noise they make is spooky.  At least I think so.
*swoosh, swoosh, swoosh*

Booperbiker, Mambo, Lipstick, Toyman and Bubbles.

Riding home, Booperbiker shows us she still has use of her tongue.
Thanks, but I didn't need that image in my head.

Bubbles is happy she didn't have to see it!

And that's the way it was, on July 17th.

Ice Cream and a Ride on 7/15/09
Sorry I am so behind on posting pics guys.  But, you all know I have been working on a big project that is taking up all my spare time (yes, that's you abyssal!). 
But, right now the boss is away so I am going to play on his nice, fast, broadband computer, and try to at least do July's pics. 

We went to the Sunset Grill to fuel ourselves with burgers and ice cream.

Tigger, Booperbiker and Bubbles.

Tigger and I hold up the sign.  Wouldn't it look cool in my garage?

"Oh, so that's where the gas goes!"  *snerk*

That's where I'm going.
(Look at that disgustingly dirty windshield - Heartbreaker needs a bath very badly.)

And here's where I've been.

It was a very nice day for a ride.
Join us next time, won't you?

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

Well, tomorrow is Independance Day, and what better time to post our trip to The Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall, which was set up at Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, NY.  Officially called the "American Veterans Traveling Tribute"  - it honors all Veterans and persons serving our country today.  

Arriving at Knox Farm, we parked our bikes and cut thru the Zen Garden.
We had a good group for this trip, pictured from left to right, seated are:  Prime, Sweetpea and Ravenstar.
Standing left to right are:  Booperbiker, Themadhatter, BoPink, Squeekee, Bubbles and Fringee.
Thanks Dormouse, for taking the pic!

Lots more pics HERE Collapse )

Misc Pics

Freewheeler, Squeekee, BoPink,                Ravenstar &                 Freewheeler, Squeekee, Booperbiker, 
Ravenstar, Booperbiker, Fringee                    BoPink                        BoPink & Fringee

BoPink - 'I'm not falling!'                                            Themadhatter & Spydee.

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