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Mz. Behavin In Western New York
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Anyone can join the community once you are approved by Prime. This had to be changed from an open membership once we got spam advertising posted. We just want to make sure you are a real person.

Anyone can post to the community, but Prime must also approve any post. See above mentioned problem.
It only takes one person to mess it up for everyone.


This community was set up mostly for our chapter of Women on Wheels®, Mz. Behavin’ in Western New York. It is a place to show off our bikes, tips, trips, ideas, opinions, photos and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Hopefully we will attract other motorcycle enthusiasts, both as members of this community and as friends all around the world. You need not own a bike or be a woman to join.

A few rules:
No real names. Use either nicknames or initials.
No posting nasty remarks about members or their rides.
Criticism should be constructive, not destructive.
If you are posting anything naughty, please use a LJ cut. If you don’t know what that is, read FAQ’s.
When you post, tag your entries. Also in FAQ’s.
If you have any questions, ask me.
I reserve the right to add more rules as we go along.

Welcome to WOW®!!